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MDI Marathon :: Remembering Boston 2013

MDI Marathon :: Remembering Boston 2013

MDI Marathon 2013. The race must go on.
Gary Allen who founded Crow Athletics and the MDI Marathon crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon with a 3:14 time, but would gladly give back that medal and every other one he's ever earned if he could turn back the clock and save the lives that were lost at the Boston Marathon bombing.

Sadly we cannot turn back time and save them. But we can honor their memory by running the MDI Marathon this year, unslowed by the act of cowardice that took those dear friends from us. If ever there has been a time for us to join in this normally joyous celebration of life on MDI, now is that time.

Whether we walk, ride, or crawl, we honor the fallen just by being there. We celebrate their lives, and take comfort in knowing that each of them died doing something they loved, trying to challenge and better themselves up to their very last breath. There is no good time for human tragedy, and no bad time to celebrate the precious and fragile gift of life.

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